Get Your Own Oppo A15S

The Oppo A15 is a unique device which has been designed for the masses by Oppo. It is one of the first handsets to run on the Android operating system. The device boasts of a compact design, a powerful hardware engine and a host of features that makes it stand out in the crowd of devices running on the OS. The A series comes in many different colors and the textured back plate offers a unique combination of an ergonomic body and a textured screen texture. To cap it all, the device is a budget friendly smartphone which packs in a host of innovative features which are sure to impress all who buy it.

As we move ahead, we find that the Oppo A15S oppo a15s is quite similar to the A series launched by Oppo earlier in the year. There are some obvious changes however and here is a quick rundown of what the A series has to offer you. Like the A15, the A series packs in a powerful chipset along with plenty of memory space and an excellent screen. The A series also packs in a fingerprint sensor, a fast dual core Adreno processor and comes with a variety of connectivity options including Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, micro USB, GPS etc.

The most amazing part about the Oppo A15S is its ability to act as a multifunctional device. For example, it comes equipped with an instant camera which is capable of switching between different image modes like ‘normal’ or the time-lapse modes. You can also use it to capture the video clip without the need for a camera phone. It also comes equipped with a high-definition camera module along with a high-speed connectivity port that supports MMS and HSDPA. Apart from that, it comes with two color screens – one for normal mode and another for motion detection.

The Oppo A series has received good reviews from its users. The phone is light and it comes with a very comfortable touch screen. It also has a long battery life and offers an impressive audio performance. It is water resistant to a certain extent and is dust free. It also offers an impressive flash feature and many other user-friendly facilities.

The Oppo A15S is available for downloading on various internet service providers and is priced at an attractive price. The phone comes with an attractive memory cover which houses all the required data. The Oppo A15S is also available in different colors and is quite pocket friendly. In case, if you are not satisfied with the color, then you can get it replaced by an equal number of colors of the other accessories. It is also available in various connectivity options such as USB, Bluetooth and a standard SIM card.

In addition to all the above benefits, the Oppo A series of phones also has a value for money tag. It gives you the kind of experience you would get from buying a top end handset like the iPhone or an HTC Desire. It offers you the same degree of innovation and technology as that of an iPhone. The cost is very affordable and within your reach. So, hurry up and get your own Oppo A15S.